Latest Express Entry Draw

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The figures for withdrawal of Express entries for withdrawal on October 30 are below.

The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score required in this draw was 472. This is a reduction of one point from the previous Express Entry draw held on December 11, which had a cut-off score of 472.

In the previous draw of all programs on October 2, the CRS score threshold was 464 points. On October 16, however, the draw was held, limited to applicants to the Federal Qualification Program, issuing only 500 invitations.

The cut-off rule applies to the draw on October 30, which means not all applicants with 475 points receive ITA. Because some applicants have 475 points, Latest Express Entry Draw, those who have entered the Express Pool Entry account before August 29, 2019 at 03:50:24 UTC will take precedence.


Why is the CRS score is so high?

The CRS score rose to 475 on October 30, the biggest cut since nearly three years since the draw in December 2016, when the incision also reached 475. Candidates for Express entries can be funny why the shortening of CRS scores has increased so much.

The main reason for the increase was that the last draw was limited to federal candidates for eligible trade and only issued 500 invitations. Latest Express Entry Draw, This means that four weeks have passed between the last draw of all programs and the draw for all programs held on 30 October.

With more time between withdrawals, more applicants can enter the Express Entry Group and increase their CRS points. Latest Express Entry Draw, This results in a large number of competing profiles, resulting in lower CRS scores.


CRS score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of October 25, 2019

CRS score range Number of candidates
601-1,200 1,255
451-600 12,999
401-450 40,730
441-450 9,045
431-440 9,981
421-430 6,644
411-420 7,038
401-410 8,022
351-400 46,197
391-400 8,128
381-390 9,855
371-380 9,589
361-370 9,562
351-360 9,063

Latest Express Entry Draw Distribution

301-350 26,384
0-300 3,834
Total 131,399


The numbers in this table reflect the total number of people in the whole set several days before the invitation round. Latest Express Entry Draw, The distribution of results may change when new accounts are sent and other accounts expire.

The table numbers in italics are detailed details of the bold numbers directly above it.


Most Recent Express Entry Draws

Draw Date Number of ITAs CRS Cut Off Tie-Breaking Rule
129 30 October 2019 3,900 475 29 August 2019
128 16 October 2019 500 357 4 March 2019
127 2 October 2019 3,900 464 20 September 2019
126 18 September 2019 3,600 462 29 August 2019
125 4 September 2019 3,600 463 23 August 2019
124 20 August 2019 3,600 457 24 March 2019
123 12 August 2019 3,600 466 6 August 2019
122 24 July 2019 3,600 459 25 May 2019
121 10 July 2019 3,600 460 11 June 2019
120 26 June 2019 3,350 462 11 May 2019


The other nominees of other provinces that were not announced did not consider the CRS rank of the applicant and instead used their unique rating system. Latest Express Entry Draw, Examples of these flows in Manitoba and British Columbia are pictures of last week.

To be considered for nomination by most of the provinces of the fast entry province, the profile of the fast express entry must first be submitted.

The following is a hypothetical example of a candidate who will receive ITA during the Federal Skilled Trades draw on October 16:

Tim is a 30-year-old chef who has completed a two-year cooking certificate. He has intermediate English skills and has worked as a cook for five years. Latest Express Entry Draw, The team recently visited Canada to become a chef, but had never worked in Canada. The CRS Team 359 score will be high enough to reach ITA in the draw on October 16.

“Today’s draw is good news for talent traders who fail to comply with cutting all equality programs,” said David Cohen, senior partner at Campbell, Canadian immigration law firm in Montreal.

“Given Canada’s higher targets for this year and 2020, the larger draw will definitely continue in the last quarter of this year



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