Australian Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) was brought into being to cater to the skill shortages of Australia. 189 Visa It is a Permanent Visa and falls under the Australian Immigration points-based system. Applicants must furnish that they possess the qualification or the skills of an occupation in the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL). Applicants do not need sponsorship from family or the Australian State/ Territory Government nomination. Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) 189 Visa, applicants are required to obtain a minimum of 65 points on a point assessment.


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Skilled Independent Visa Requirements

In order to qualify for a Skilled Visa, the applicant (or their partner) must be able to satisfy the basic visa requirements related to Age, English language ability, Specific Work Experience, Skills, Qualification, Health and Character. Based on these credentials, the applicant has to score a minimum of 65 Points in order to qualify.

Features of this Program:

  •  This 189 Visa Category permits the applicant an indefinite stay in Australia.
  •  Permanent residents under the Australian Skilled Immigration Program   have full access to health care benefits and certain social security   payments.
  •  Permanent residents under this 189 Visa Category can apply for citizenship of   Australia after staying there for 4 years.
  •  Once landed in Australia, the applicant can sponsor their family for permanent residency in Australia.
  •  Dependents can accompany the applicant, provided they comply with the Australian Migration Law.

Eligibility for the Australia Skilled Immigration Program:

The applicants have to satisfy the basic requirements to migrate under the skilled sponsored visa and must meet the 65 points to file for a visa.

  • Age: The age of the applicant should be between 18 – 49 years.
  • English language: The applicant should prove that he/she meets the English language of competence or vocational level by submitting the test results before the application is lodged. He/ she should also meet the English Language threshold of minimum 6 bands of IELTS in all the components.
  • Nominated occupations: The applicant should nominate an occupation on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) that matches with his/her skills, qualifications and work experience.
  • Skill Assessment: It is mandatory for an applicant to get a positive skill assessment for a nominated occupation before the visa application is lodged.

Advantages of 189 visa.

1.The 189 visa Australia enables you to move to Australia alongside your family

2.You can live and work anyplace in Australia with this visa

3.The visa for Australia subclass 189 Visa has one of the quickest preparing occasions for movement to Australia

4.The visa enables you to remain inconclusively in Australia and appreciate full working rights and work in any occupation once you land in Australia. Or, in other words, you are not limited to working in a similar occupation as the one that you applied for the visa

5.You can seek after your investigations in Australia, while living on this visa

6.You are qualified for government managed savings installments and Medicare on the off chance that you are living in Australia on this visa

7.You are qualified for apply for perpetual living arrangement for your relatives and even apply for citizenship for yourself and your family.


Highlights of 189 visa

1. The visa is planned for skilled independent specialists and their families to for all time move to Australia. In such manner family incorporates and is restricted to the accompanying individuals

a.Your accomplice/mate

b.Yours or your accomplice’s needy kid

c.Yours or your accomplice’s needy family member

2. The visa subclass 189 is conceded on a focuses based framework, with focuses doled out for different factors, for example, your age, work understanding, training and English language capacity. The focuses are appointed for the accompanying criteria.

a.Age – at the very least 45 years

b.English language aptitudes – you should submit scores of IELTS or equal assessment

c.Education level

d.Overall work experience incorporating work involvement with Australia.

What is the process to apply for Skilled Independent Visa 189. 

Here are some steps to Follow for apply Skilled independent Visa 189. It is based on a 3 stage application process.

Stage 1. 

The first Stage skilled independent visa of the application procedure includes finishing an abilities evaluation with the pertinent Government body. Your abilities evaluation empowers the Department of Home Affairs  to pass judgment on the off chance that you have the required degree of expertise in your picked occupation to rehearse in Australia.

Stage 2

This Second Stage of Skilled Independent Visa Process. When you have gotten a positive aptitudes appraisal, you should present an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect. You can do this in or outside Australia.

Stage 3

This is Third stage of Skilled Independent Visa. When you have been issued an Invitation To Apply (ITA), you can proceed to the DOHA phase of the application, where you can present your last, total application to be endorsed by DOHA so your visa can be allowed.

Visa Subclass 189 Processing Time

The PR processing time of skilled independent 189 visa depends upon:

    • Number of applications received for skilled Immigration
    • Complexity and simplicity of your case
    • Delay due to non-submission or completion of complete document list
    • Number of positions available in the skilled occupation
    • Other enquiry asked by the immigration officials

However, as per Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the general 189 PR processing time is:

  • 75 percent of applications are processed in 8 months
  • 90 percent of applications are processed in 11 months

Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Fees

The Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 visa cost changes every now and then. The expense of your visa relies on the date of your application is gotten. In the event that there is any cost increment between the date you hold up your application and the date we get your application, you should pay the new application charge.

Fees updated 1st July 2019 AUD$
Independent (Subclass 189) visa (primary applicant) 4,045$
Dependent Applicant fees 18 and over 2,020$
Dependent Applicant fees 18 and under 1,015$

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1.Is Visa 189 permanent residency?

The 189 visa is a changeless application enabling the candidates to remain inconclusively in Australia with full work rights.

2.How Can I Apply for a Skilled Independent Work Visa (Subclass 189)?

  1. Step 1: Check if your occupation is on the Skilled Occupation Lists. …
  2. Step 2: Ensure you meet all the eligibility requirements. …
  3. Step 3: Complete a Skills Assessment. …
  4. Step 4: Submit an Expression of Interest through SkillSelect.

3. Is 65 points enough for 189 visa?

Despite the fact that the cut off focuses for 189 candidates likely need higher (at least 75 by and large), where a candidate is state designated 190 visa they will get a welcome when they are endorsed for state backing and their focuses are at any rate 65.

4. How many points do I need for 189 visa?

Reasonably, a candidate requires at least 70 to 75 to tie down an encouragement to apply for a Skilled Independent 189 Visa. There are two essential approaches to build your focuses score; The English Test and State Sponsorship.

5. How much does a 189 visa cost?

Skilled Independent Permanent(Subclass 189) Work Visa Australia
The Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) AU$ 3670
The Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) AUS $1835
The Skilled Independent visa (Subclass 189) AUS $900