Pre-Landing Service

We Offer Canada Pre Landing Services

Canada Pre-landing services are considered to be one of the most exciting options that are available today if you are looking to make the move to Canada. Although many people come to Canada on a visitor’s visa, it can be very difficult to actually find work without a connection. This can make the transition from visiting Canada to becoming an actual resident quite daunting and difficult in many cases. Through Canada pre-landing services, you can get everything that you need to get the best possible opportunities in your new country so that you can have more chances at finding jobs and getting settled with friends and family sooner rather than later.

Pre Landing Process in Canada

The pre landing process can begin long before you arrive in Canada, with some work required on your part before you apply for permanent residence status. Generally, you should complete all requirements at least three months before submitting an application for permanent residence. As well, pre-landing activities may be required at some point during your stay in Canada; however, there are often exemptions that can make it easier to fulfil them after a later date.

Legalization of Documents

Before you take off to Canada, you need to know that your documents are in order. You will need a set of documents, including your passport and permanent resident visa or travel document. This is all part of what you must carry with you before boarding a flight to Canada. Certain applicants are exempt from needing a valid passport for up to 180 days. This does not apply to children under 16 years old, however. The government requires that citizens who wish to cross land borders into Canada possess a passport as well as proof of citizenship (birth certificate or citizenship card). Travellers must also be aware that US passports cannot be used for land crossings into Canada; they must be replaced with Canadian ones at no cost before entering our country by road or rail.

Immigration Consultants

.One of the most difficult and frustrating steps in moving to another country is navigating local bureaucracy. You don’t want to land in Canada only to be turned away at customs because your documents are incorrectly filed or not up-to-date. An immigration consultant can walk you through getting all of your paperwork together, including finding a job (if necessary) and putting together an application for permanent residency. Some larger law firms even have entire divisions dedicated solely to prepping clients for emigration. That’s where our consultants come in! We offer many services including

Health Tips

If you are looking for pre landing services for making your visa entry in Canada, it is always better to choose a right option. You must be very careful because of some fraud companies. They can cheat you and make money out of your visa without any eligibility. If you want to enter in Canada and want visa support then our best recommendation is AERGO professional services Pvt Ltd as they are well known for their expertise and well recognized organization. So do not get late and get a consultation from them today!

Financial Advice

The process of immigrating to another country can be daunting. Even if you are well-qualified for permanent residency, you will still have several hurdles to overcome before you get there, including passing a language test and financial examination. On top of that, there may be other types of assistance that you will need along the way (not necessarily financial). Knowing what resources are available to you and how best to access them is critical to your success in immigrating.