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Canada has been attracting visitors from various parts of the world due to its wide variety of tourist attractions and natural beauty. In addition, the country offers lots of opportunities in the business field and in education as well, attracting students from different parts of the world. To be able to visit Canada, you need to get your Canada visa first, however, the process is sometimes complicated and confusing so many people fail to complete it in time because they are not aware how to get it done properly.

What Does Any Canadian Immigration Lawyer Provide?

The Canadian immigration lawyer offers a wide range of services to clients. A good Canadian immigration attorney can help you decide whether to move forward with an application or to do more research on your own. The best lawyers will know when it’s time for their client to take action, and they’ll assist them by gathering supporting documents and taking care of paperwork. If there are any changes to be made during an application process, a reputable lawyer will inform you immediately so that nothing falls through the cracks.

What Is So Special About Us

We are a team of attorneys, paralegals and professional staff with comprehensive experience providing a broad range of immigration services. We work with all our clients one-on-one to ensure they understand each step in their case and have easy access to legal support throughout their immigration process. Our website provides valuable information about Canadian visas and an online consultation tool that can help you decide if we’re right for you. We look forward to helping you!

Services Offered By Our Clients

When it comes to seeking help for your immigration issues, you need a solution that goes beyond just connecting you with lawyers and other professionals. That’s why our company offers comprehensive support— including help with family applications, student visas, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Canadian Visa Processing Procedure

The procedure of getting a Canadian visa is quite straightforward. There are different types of visas which can be easily attained by any individual traveling to Canada for tourism, study or business purposes. The students who come from foreign countries and want to go for higher studies in Canada need to apply for a study visa from CIC. The visa allows a foreign student to enter into and exit from Canada for their educational purposes. While applying for a Canadian study visa, you need to fill up all your personal details correctly.

Applicants Eligibility Criteria

Have you completed your Canadian Study Permit Application form correctly? Are you sure of declaring your educational and work experience correctly? Do you want to know whether you have selected all relevant questions in the Canadian Visa application form or not? If yes, then contact us at +91-9811144946. For further details visit our official website.

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved?

On average, it takes 2 months to get approved for a Canadian visa. However, there are some visas that can take as long as 6 months to process.

How Much Will The Application Cost?

Applying for a visa to Canada is free. That being said, there are costs involved in becoming a permanent resident once you’re in the country. Permanent residents must pay a one-time processing fee of $490 and an annual landing fee of $670. If you choose to apply for Canadian citizenship, you will have to pay another $100 at that time. Once your application has been approved, however, these fees will no longer be required.

How Long Does It Take To Get Interview Scheduled?

The time that it takes to schedule your visa interview depends on a number of factors, including your location and nationality. For example, we’ve found that North American applicants tend to get interviews more quickly than applicants from other parts of the world. However, even those from far-off places like Australia or Europe will be able to get an interview scheduled within two months, which is about average for a typical Canadian visa application.

Who Should Apply For This Visa?

Visas are available for a number of categories and are divided into three main types: work, study and travel. People who have professional qualifications, can contribute to Canada’s economy, or have an immediate family member in the country might consider applying for a work visa. Those who would like to study in Canada can apply for a student visa. If you’re looking to go on vacation or visit friends or family, you might consider applying for a travel visa.

Rejection Reasons

Businesses will often reject visas for a number of reasons, including that they did not provide all necessary information, their company was previously involved in business disputes, or if they simply don’t have enough money to support themselves while living in Canada. If you feel that your visa has been rejected unfairly, there are steps you can take to make sure it is reconsidered.