Quebec Skilled Workers candidates are not evaluated dependent on the determination elements of the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Citizenship and Immigration Canada recognizes the choice of candidates who meet Quebec migration choice criteria.
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Quebec Immigration selection factors may be summarized as follows:


to 14 points

of Training

to 16 points

Employment Offer

to 10 points


to 8 points


to 16 points


to 22 points

and Family in Quebec

to 8 points

partner Characteristics

to 17 points


to 8 points



What is Qubec Experience Class? 


Quebec experience class 


You can acquire Permanent Residency of Quebec on the off chance that you have examined or worked in the territory and you meet the underneath referenced criteria. 


You have to get Quebec Skilled Worker Program Quebec Selection Certificate so as to apply for Quebec movement under QEC. When you get the endorsement, you have to clear the therapeutic and security assessment according to the standards set somewhere around the government movement specialists move to quebec for you to have the option to get Canadian Permanent Residency Visa. 


Remote understudies can apply under QEC in the event that they: 


Have gotten a degree or confirmation from an instructive organization perceived by the Quebec Ministry of Education; 


Have read in Quebec for in any event 1,800 hours (two years); 


Show that have effectively finished a middle of the road level French course at a Quebec instructive organization, if their investigations were not finished in French. 


Transitory Foreign Workers in Quebec can apply QEC on the off chance that they: 


Have a year of Quebec work involvement with a gifted, administrative or proficient occupation in the two years before their application 


Are utilized and show legitimate status in Quebec at the hour of their application; 


Show that have effectively finished a middle of the road level French course at a Quebec instructive foundation, or give aftereffects of an institutionalized French capability test. On the other hand, they can show that they have fulfilled the French language prerequisites of the expert request administering their occupation in Quebec for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. 


All applications from people who have gotten a CSQ are prepared in their own need line at the government level.

Frequently asked questions about the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

What is Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is a migration program for possibility for monetary movement who plan to settle in the area of Quebec. The Ministère de l’immigration, de la diversité et de l’inclusion (Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI)) gets applications to the QSWP through the online stage Mon Projet Québec. Just up-and-comers who have gotten a welcome from the Ministère in the wake of having presented a declaration of enthusiasm through the Arrima entrance can present an application through Mon Project Québec.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for QSWP?

The QSWP works on a based framework, in which applicants must meet a limit to be qualified. This edge is controlled by an up-and-comer’s family circumstance – single candidates must acquire 50, while candidates including their companion or precedent-based law accomplice on their application must get 59 points. Focuses are conceded for training, work understanding, dialects information, family circumstance, and other criteria.

Are There any Govt Fees?

Yes. Government processing fees for 2017 can be reviewed in the table below.
Applicant Fees
Principal Applicant CAD $798
Spouse, de facto spouse CAD $171
Each dependant child CAD $171

What Documents Must be Provided in the Application?

No reports are required at the underlying snapshot of accommodation of the Mon Projet Québec profile. Nonetheless, records identifying with common status, instruction history, work understanding and family circumstance are required at the MIDI’s solicitation. Contingent upon the data given by the competitor when the individual makes a profile through Mon projet Québec, a customized documentation agenda will be given to the applicant. At the point when the MIDI is prepared to process an application, a customized rundown of required records will be sent to the up-and-comer’s Mon projet Québec account.