Post Landing Service

We’re the Best at Canada Post Landing Services

We’re renowned in the industry as the best landing service providers, and we’re proud of it. It takes a lot of effort and expertise to do what we do well. We know that only the best experts in every sector can deliver quality landing services, and our people are thoroughly trained before they take on any new clients or assignments.

Why you should use our services

Immigration is just 30% of the entire transition Process. Moving to a new country involves a lot of preparations. We take care of the rest 70% through our comprehensive and customized settlement and placement services to help you settle in the country of your choice. We provides complete assistance in settlement of our clients and in grooming our clients for the job market in their country of destination and finding a job for them after they land in the country.

Our Post Landing Services:

  • Information about licensing or professional registration requirements, list of potential employers, exams to be taken in order to obtain a license and registration in any of these countries and effective job search techniques, professional licensing and registrations, preparation of licensing exams are also provided by our experts. All this goes a long way in early settlement of our clients.
  • After landing abroad, we take care of their airport pickup, subsidized rooms at Welcome Homes against charges, only if they retained our Guest house services, help in opening a Bank Account, Credit Card, Driving License, Government Card, finding education institutes for children, getting insurance and many other services.
  • Advanced orientation sessions are organized by our counselors to guide you living in your destination country, its social life and culture, banking, health and life insurance, education, health services, traveling and much more. These sessions help our clients acclimatize to life abroad without wasting their valuable time.

Avs Immigration Services, have helped thousands of people to happily settle in these countries of limitless opportunities. We would help you realize your aspirations through our extensive experience and professionally managed and integrated pre-flight to post-landing services, right from the start till the time you completely settle in:

Great value

There are many companies out there that offer similar services. In a busy market, it can be hard to know where to turn and who to trust. Fortunately, we’re here for you. We take your Post Landing Services and want to make sure you’re getting top-notch service from start to finish. Call us today to see what we can do for you: +91-9811144946.

We make it easy

A company that specializes in offering immigration post landing service. This is how it works; you get a job offer from a Canadian employer and you will apply for a work permit based on your job offer. You must meet all requirements for working in Canada, such as having your education and skills recognized by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

Then we take over from there. We will help you with your job offer application, as well as taking care of all necessary immigration issues to settle in British Columbia: Permanent Residence Card (PR card), PR sponsorship application, opening bank accounts etc… Immigration post landing services are available only to qualified candidates seeking immigration to BC. Contact us today for more information on our services or request an estimate!