The New Brunswick Provincial PNP Nominee Program (NBPNP) Entrepreneurial Stream is for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate and actively manage a business while living and settling in New Brunswick permanently. The NBPNP is regulated by the Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labor (“the Department”) This stream is a piece of a monetary movement program and isn’t expected for family reunification, ensured people or for philanthropic and sympathetic reasons.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • be between 22-55 years of age; and
  • have a score of at least CLB 5 in English or French; and
  • have completed a minimum of two years of full-time post-secondary education after completing high school; and
  • have an irrefutable individual net worth** of in any event CAD $600,000 of which CAD $300,000 must be fluid and unhampered assets; and
  • have at any rate three out of five years of involvement with overseeing and owning a business (100% proprietorship);
  • have five years out of five of involvement with a senior business the board job or more; and
  • have the option to contribute in any event $250,000 CAD of your own assets to set up a business in NB.

Priority Sectors: Information and Communications Technologies; Financial Services and Insurance; Contact Centers /Back Office Operations; Health and Life Sciences; Professional Services; Food Processing; Value-added Wood; Aerospace and Defense; Advanced Manufacturing; Agriculture; Tourism

Application Process:

Step-1: Expression of Interest (EOI) to be submitted to New Brunswick PNP Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP) Authorities by means of email..

To be considered for entrance into the pool, you should:

Step-2: New Brunswick PNP will choose EOI with most elevated scores and business idea that will have monetary advantages for the area..

Step-3: Invitation to Apply.

Step-4: Accommodation of complete application with Net worth check report

Step-5: Chosen Entrepreneurs present a store of 100,000 CAD$ and a consented to Performance Arrangement to get an assignment from New Brunswick PNP.

Step-6: Nomination Issued by NBPNP

Step-7: Application for Permanent Residency to CIO Nova Scotia

Step-8: Landing and Business Establishment in New Brunswick