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  • Arrangement of guest house if opted and Reception at airport in respective country and/or Province/State as applicable for the clients who book accommodation through our partners.
  • Assistance/guidance in applying for SIN / Driving License/ Health Insurance Plan Card/ opening of bank account/ bank debit and credit cards in respective country and/or Province/State, as applicable.
  • Information on private health insurance companies in respective country and/or Province/State to purchase temporary health insurance as applicable
  • Guidance for hiring own accommodation and information on rentals and prices in respective country and/or Province/State.
  • Guidance for admission of children of clients in school / college / university.
  • Information on public transportation/ Income Tax structure etc in respective country and/or Province/State.
  • Personalized sessions by the Senior Employment Counsellor to cover Professional Guidance for the intended occupation, information on relevant education and professional bridging courses to be taken
  • Reviewing of individual action plan and fine tuning the same as per the available placement prospects in respective country and/or Province/State, as applicable.

Placement Services

  • Provisioning of Welcome Kit with Job Dossier containing job leads and employment guidance for initiating job search efforts for the initially available temporary or transitional jobs as per professional skills, aptitude, computer knowledge, and communication skills possessed by the client. Guidance for enhancing skill level by joining requisite courses important to search a job in own profession.
  • Guidance on free access to various job banks through government and other private placement agencies.
  • Guidance on free job search information and workshops available through government libraries and employment resource centers.

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